The emblem of FC BELGOROD-CITY football club is an embodiment of the glorious ancient past of Belogorodka village, an expression of self-reliance in the present and a hope for a better future.

The round shape of the emblem is an expression of the historical past of Belogorodka, when the city was entering the first defensive circle of ancient Kiev.

The shield symbolizes the ability to defend. This quality was very important for our ancestors, no less important it is now for the players of our football club.

The shield with the battlements of the fortress embodies an unshakable defense, and ability to fight.

Water is an image of the Irpen River flowing through the territory of the Belogorodka.

The swan on the shield is an ancient symbol of the city. These beautiful majestic birds have long been choosing the reservoirs of the Belogorodka as their habitat.

Background in the form of a soccer ball allows you to immediately understand what our club is doing.

Home playing form:

forma dom 1

Outside game form:

forma vyezd 1

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2-B Kyivska st, Bilohorodka,
Kyivska obl, Kievo-Svyatoshinskiy r-n, 08140, Ukraine

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